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On average, 76% of potential conversions from Social Media are lost to poor marketing strategy


Ambitious Social Media Marketing to Meet Your Business Goals.

By focusing on what really matters to your brand, we create social media campaigns that influence, engage, drive and convert. We are a team that knows the importance of carefully targeted campaigns.

Features & Benefits

Turn Data to Your Advantage

We are a team that is never satisfied and constantly strives for improvement. With modern data-analysis tools, we have unlimited data at our fingertips. We use that data to spot patterns in audience engagement and conversion to improve our campaigns.

Win by Retargeting

By studying user-behavior, user-engagement, past engagement-metrics, we build campaigns that retarget the audience that was once interested in you. This not only builds brand awareness but helps increase customer loyalty.

Write Content That Provokes

We add an interesting element to any content to make it thought-provoking, highly engaging, and share-worthy. We believe in creating content that is authentic and adds value to the life of your audience.

Social campaigns

How We Do It

We love taking your vision to reality. Here’s how we work:


What do you want your social media campaign to achieve?

We start with a discovery conversation to get a sense of what your goals, some background on your brand and marketing strategy, and if Nordic DigiTech is the right digital marketing agency for you.

We design, write and schedule targeted ads and organic posts

Using the information from the exploration call, we will develop a digital marketing plan customized for your business. This includes recommended channels and tactics, budget and performance forecasts, a launch timeline and pricing details. From producing brand-new ideas to executing result-driven strategies, we’ll create the content that converts.



When your social media campaign is ready for launch, we will implement it

After building the campaigns and getting client sign off we push things live, monitoring performance closely and optimizing aggressively in the early days

Ongoing Optimization

Our digital marketing team monitors results daily, implementing data-driven modifications and testing new strategies for continuous cost-per-acquisition efficiency improvements and sales growth


Why Let Us Handle Your Social Media

Regular updates

Regardless of whether you have the time to check on your brand’s social media, we’ll be systemized when it comes to sending you reports of the latest progress and campaigns.

We are always available

No matter what you need from us, it is our priority to answer your calls and emails in a timely manner. We ensure your every instruction is implemented timely.

Dedicated team

The entire project of your brand’s social media will be solely managed by one team who has deeply understood your brand.

Data-driven strategists

We love data and using it to our advantage is our top expertise. We don’t make predictions out of thin air. Every campaign we create has a solid foundation.

71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.

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