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“Reach the right consumer for your business by targeting audiences where they are, at the right time

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We understand that for businesses, there is not just one road to success but multiple. Millions of people make purchasing decisions based on what they see on the internet. Here is a team you can trust for reaching the largest number of internet users and making an impact on how they purchase.

What we Offer

Web Design & Development

Get the perfect website for your brand. A custom website, equipped with functionalities, and ease of use, will lead to more user engagement–and sales.

Google Ads (PPC)

Search advertising can be the most powerful source revenue generation when it is done right .PPC campaign can deliver an incredibly high ROI

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

From performing unmatched and detailed keyword research to doing all the technical optimization, we will perform the A to Z of SEO for your websites.

Content Writing

Not seeing the engagement you were hoping for? Fresh, relevant and high-quality content is what you need for your website and your socials to thrive!

Social Media Marketing

We don’t just create eye-catching social media ads or posts; we target these campaigns towards right users to make right use of Campaigns..

Online Reputation Management

Do not put your hard work at risk due to a few negative reviews on the internet. we can help you to build a strong and solid presence on the internet.

Recent Customers

As the Advertising Agency in Gothenburg, delivering state of the art branding, creative content creation, UI / UX design, digital marketing and eCommerce development, web design, web development company in Gothenburg. We also build comprehensive online presence through SEO services by placing your business prominently in top positions of Google search results.

Combining strategizing skills with design and technology we enable communication that is innovative, effective and impressive. We shape seamless communications for targeted audiences through multiple devices and deliver unified experiences through user-centric creative solutions in alignment with your strategic goals.

Today’s consumer makes a “search & decision” in about 22 seconds . .

That means your brand has to be right out in front targeting ads that specifically hit your dream clients with a credit card in hand

How We Achieve Success


Obviously, you can’t have a successful digital agency without having the right team of experts making the results happen day in, day out. Here at Nordic Digitech., we are proud to say we have some of the best experts in Sweden when it comes to UX design, social media managers, SEO specialists, content writers, graphic designers, etc.


Unlike any other marketing, digital marketing is driven by data and relies on facts rather than assumptions. In digital marketing and SEO, content creation is an important tool for winning. We optimize this content with keywords to boost your website’s authority.


The digital marketing world moves fast and it doesn’t wait on anyone. That is why we understand how much it is important to stay continually innovating on the many tools and systems that are already in place.


We track the results of the campaigns we implement and continuously improve them for better performance. As a result, we produce first-class results and high ROI for our clients

When you need to illustrate ideas, change minds, tell stories, and position your brand for success

We bring the creative.

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